The Fizzle Business Sketch Template identifies all the essential elements of your business plan… on one page—not a 50-page business plan, not a 20-slide presentation. One page.

We developed the Business Sketch Template (BST) to be a quick and simple tool to identify all the building blocks of your business idea. And, maybe more importantly, to show you where the holes are.

In this course we walk you through the entire Sketch Template, showing you how to use it to quickly sketch up your business ideas to see where the gaps, rubs and holes are.

We developed the BST based on our own experience building, specifically, solopreneur online businesses… working our butts off to build something great, that pays the bills and doesn’t burn us out.

We hope it’s as helpful for you and your business as it has been for us.

(Download the Business Sketch Template in the notes on the last lesson)

The Fizzle Business Sketch Template

with Chase Reeves

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