Choosing a topic for your business (or blog, podcast, platform, etc.) is an incredibly important decision.

A great topic can make your life fantastically easy. People will naturally identify with your mission and help share your message. The right topic will make you come alive and fall in love with your business and customers.

A poorly chosen topic will make your life difficult. When people stop by your site, they won’t find a compelling reason to stick around. You’ll be swimming upstream every week, wondering where you went wrong.

In this course, we’ll help you develop a list of potential business topics, identifying all the critical decision factors along the way. We’ll then give you an impartial decision matrix to help evaluate your topic list. This is an intensive action-oriented course, so get focused and be ready to set aside some time to do it right.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

Choosing a Topic

with Corbett Barr

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