How to Set Goals that Actually Stick

Let’s face it: traditional goal setting sucks!

In this 2-day course you’ll learn 5 steps to set goals that truly work — so you can actually get stuff done this time around.

Steph Crowder is your instructor for this course
  • Feel calm & aligned in 2018,
    leaving the crazed & overwhelmed wheel-spinning behind.
  • Inspect & fix up each area of your life
    with 8-10 practical, exciting goals.
  • Craft a solid action plan you really believe in
    instead of hoping everything will somehow work out.

Goal setting is broken!

Traditional goal setting misses the mark, big time. There are a few reasons why.
  • The “productivity” approach: A lot of people think goal setting is all about being more disciplined, working harder & pushing more. This keeps you on the burnout treadmill for the rest of your life.
  • “Should-ing” all over yourself: Most of us write down goals we think we should have (“I want to make 6 figures!” “I want to be a size 0!” “I want more Instagram followers!”)
  • “Maybe next year”: Yes, we’re teaching this course in January, but the truth is we can’t wait for January 1 every time we set goals. We have to create that energy with a new process, any time we want it.
  • The need to “come up” with your goals: How do you even “make up” your goals? What’s a good goal to have anyway? Is it random?

Luckily, there’s a better way -- a way that translates into real progress and satisfaction this year.

setting goals

Less discipline,
more desire

The crazy part is, you already have your goals. They’re inside of you, waiting to be excavated.

Goal setting driven by discipline sounds like this:

“Maybe if I just worked harder, laid out my schedule better, woke up earlier, meditated harder or drank more water, I’d be successful!”

A discipline-based approach makes goal setting about becoming more productive.

Now, goal setting driven by desire sounds like this:

“How do I want to feel? What is my ideal life? What would it look like, if it could be anything?”

A desire-led approach makes goal setting about becoming more in alignment with your own version of a meaningful life.

“Goal setting can help us come home to ourselves, not chase some ’better’ version. What if we didn’t have to try SO hard?”

seth godin on setting goals

You deserve to
Get. Sh*t. Done.

It’s possible to set goals that light you up instead of wearing you down and freaking you out.

As a creative, freelancer or indie entrepreneur you want to feel successful. You want to know where you are, where you’re headed and why. And most of all, you want to have a repeatable process you can come back to again and again, one that you can rely on to actually help you do the work that matters.

I know what you’re thinking: “Another internet person telling me I need to set goals? Change the record and let me get back to work!”

Trust me, I get it. Setting goals has never worked for you before because you inevitably lose that New Year’s Resolution pixie dust.

A few months in you’re stuck right where you started: unsure of what to work on and how to have the life you really want.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’m a serial-achieving, gold-star-chasing people-pleaser, and I can hit goals with the best of ’em. But this is about more. This is about having the life YOU really want, on your own terms.

Get more done with less effort & resistance this year

That’s what we’re going to do in this course, and we’ll do it together in 5 steps:
  1. We’ll start by going big & bold. This is the part where you learn to have that January 1st type energy any time you want, without having to wait for the beautiful blank slate to roll around once a year.
  2. We’ll uncover what you need to work on this year. It’s one of the top question we hear from entrepreneurs: “How do I know what to work on next?” In Step 2, you’ll find the answer.
  3. You’ll learn to use your goal-setting compass. We’ll guide you through a ridiculously effective exercise to allow clarity to walk into your life, right now.
  4. You’ll learn to apply your new vision to a completely new area of your life.
  5. You’ll walk away with a plan and a process you can actually believe in … and you’ll be excited to do this process again!

A tried & true method for getting the good stuff done

Your instructor (that’s me) has tried (and failed) at just about every method out there.

Trust me, I know how many people are promising they’re the ones qualified to teach you about goal setting. Why is this course any different?

If you’ve listened to our podcast for any amount of time, you know I’m a “planner girl”. I’ve tried every method under the sun:

Paper planners. Digital planners. Zero planning. Minute-by-minute planning. Pomodoro planning. Morning routines, rewards-based systems, and the list goes on.

Every single thing I’ve tried has fallen short in one huge way: these methods have never gotten me closer to how I truly want my life to look.

So I made my own method, and I’ve been refining it for 7 years. I’ve taught it to thousands of people who listen to The Fizzle Show, and I’ve led an in-person workshop to help 300 people hammer this stuff out.

No matter who you are, this works.

The reason it works? You’re going to learn how to define goals on your terms -- not based on what your instructors or anyone else thinks is “good”, but based on what YOU truly desire. Together we’ll unlock that skill, and you’ll repeat it over and over as time goes on.

Course details

Here’s what you get in this guided goal setting course.

You’ll walk away with a fresh set of goals that actually STICK — more alignment, more progress and more clarity for the year ahead.

This course includes:

  • Action steps and checklists with step by step training on each step.
  • A course workbook that outlines each step with instructions (printable).
  • Video training with LIVE Q&A that you will be able to participate in.
  • Recordings of all the training sent to you as soon as they’re uploaded.
  • All the tools, ideas and actions necessary to keep your goals working for you all year long.

This course is about setting goals that actually STICK so you can make progress this year. At the end of it you’ll be excited about your SIMPLE and CLEAR path forward.

Signup now and Discover your goals!

We’re so pumped to help you stop feeling stuck and start making the progress you care about. We’ve all set goals that didn’t even last until February, but together we can design a year of progress & peace.

Steph Crowder
Director of Member Success & Den Mama,

“It's almost December and I'm amazed and proud of how laser focused, productive and HAPPY this year has been. Not saying that I didn't screw some things up - but because I am taking actions that align with my values-driven intention, there's no basis for regret or self-condemnation. Super effective and liberating! I plan to use this goal-setting framework again for 2018.”

~ Lori M.

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This complete course is just $79,
or get it FREE with Fizzle membership

Buy this course now — $79

Lifetime Access   •   HD Videos   •   All Course Materials   •   Access From Anywhere

or, get this course with Fizzle membership for just $39/mo

Over 40+ Courses   •   Community + Support   •   Weekly Coaching Sessions   •   Roadmap

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