Get killer insights about what people will really buy from you

If you’re not talking to potential customers you’re leaving insanely valuable insights in the dark. This course teaches a simple 5-step process to get out of your head and into the real world (even if you’re nervous).

Steph Crowder is your instructor for this course
  • 5-step process, from reaching out to debriefing.
  • Prep and setup, you’ll feel confident during the conversations.
  • Example conversations, learn from real life situations.
  • Brilliant insights, instead of feeling uncertain or doubtful.
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If you could minimize the risk of your business idea failing before you even got started, would you take it?

Do you know if your business idea is a big hit or an epic flop? This course will teach you, taking customer conversations from boring and awkward to exciting and insightful.

You think you have a great business idea, but how can you know for sure? If you ask people they might tell you they’re interested, but ticking a box on a survey is very different from pulling out a wallet and actually purchasing something.

You see, what we’ve noticed is that entrepreneurs far too often make assumptions about their business ideas.

If you make assumptions about your business idea you could wind up in real trouble after dumping time and money into it.

Instead, you could learn how to extract real insights from real people, confirming that your business is headed in the right direction before charging ahead. This course will teach you how.

You’ll learn:

  • Where and how to find the right people to talk to.
  • How to get over that annoying fear and nervousness about talking to people in situations like this.
  • Pinpointing the problem you should explore.
  • How to start with an “Anchor Question” that will keep the conversation on track.
  • Exactly what to ask in the interview and how to keep it flowing with two simple tricks.
  • Evaluating the results & deciding how to tweak, shift and move forward with confidence.

Your customer’s reality exists whether you want to acknowledge it or not. This is simply a matter of finding out what’s going on in their heads now, before learning it the hard way after a disappointing launch.

We’re so excited to bring you this everything-you-need-to-know course for such an important topic. It is possible to have mind-blowing conversations with customers that take your ideas to the next level, and this is the first step. You can bet lots of entrepreneurs are skipping this part, which puts you ahead of the curve as you build out your products and services.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to “get out of the building” and into your customers’ heads, where all the answers you’re looking for are waiting for you :)

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Steph Crowder
Director of Member Success, Fizzle

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You get the book yourself solid fizzle course plus all other fizzle courses and the community of entrepreneurs within fizzle

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Free trial, no contract Cancel anytime and pay no more... ever.

Be our guest and enjoy a couple weeks free. After that it's just $39/month. Training and community to grow your business for less than your monthly booze tab!
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You May Have Some Questions:


I don’t want to be sleazy in my business. Will this system make me do anything uncomfortable? First, I like where your head’s at. Second, NO. The Book Yourself Solid (BYS) system is so down to earth and human it will accentuate your unique personality, voice and values (instead of causing you to act in unnatural ways).

I don’t have a “client services” business. Is there anything for me in the course? Big time. From personal branding to identifying your ideal customer to dealing with sales copy on your website, this course will have an impact on any business. (Don’t forget, you get this course as well as all the others inside Fizzle.)

I’m not a blogger (is that a thing on the internet?) nor do I want to be. Will this course help my business? Yes. Whether or not you have a website or are building your business online, the BYS system gets you into clarity and action as you setup simple systems and messaging frameworks that will supercharge your business. (Also, you should totally have a website.)

I don’t have a lot of time. Will I be able to take the course in little chunks? Absolutely. You’re busy, but pro training will up your game. So we make each lesson short, strong and actionable, usually with at least one downloadable worksheet per lesson.

How much does it cost? This course, and everything else inside Fizzle (40+ courses, community, monthly office hours, Fizzle Friday hangouts), costs $39/month. But you can try it out for a couple weeks for free. Get in, try it out, see if it’s for you, cancel anytime… no contracts, no hidden fees.

What else comes with my Fizzle membership? At Fizzle we’re building the best training library and vital community for independent entrepreneurs. We’ve got 40+ courses tackling the issues you care about (or need to care about) like growing an email list to 10k and beyond, interviews with successful entrepreneurs, web design essentials, setting up a podcast and more. Plus a vital community of folks putting their arses on the line to make something they care about, live Q&A hangouts every friday and Office Hours every month. We think you’ll like this place.

Can I trust you guys? Another great question. I guess I’ll say two things in response. 1. We’ve got experience. We’ve been doing business online longer than most. In fact, well respected entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn of and Steve Kamb of have chosen to work with us instead of others for that very reason. We’ve done venture backed startups, client services business, large and small blogs and much in between. So, we’ve got some experience. And 2. It’s free to get in and kick the tires. That’s it. Click one button to cancel. We won’t string you along or hassle you. I could spout off about our pedigree all day, but the biggest testament to our training is the finished product itself, both the training and the killer community. I hope you give it a try.

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